Families Know How to Show They Care

At Terrasse en Art this past Sunday, Audities’ Cards was truly fortunate to meet and talk with many delightful people. Thank you to all for being there with us.

image (10)

There was, however, one especially wonderful person who totally enthralled me with her story. Like me, she comes from a large family of many, many children. And, like me, she believes in sending real snail mail to her brothers and sisters! Imagine my joy at meeting this kindred spirit! Thank you, Di!

The card above is an example of my most recent inspiration: greeting cards with space for you to write a name or your own greeting on the cover. How much more personal could one be?

Terrasse-Vaudreuil en Art!

Terrasse en Art November 26th! Yes! Be there, or be square! ūüôāIMG_0957 (1)

And speaking of square,¬†Audities’ Cards will be there — with a Square!

Why should you care? Well, it means that you will have the convenience of making your purchases with a credit card or with an interact card. Cash, of course, is always welcome, … and extremely convenient too!

While quantities last, with every purchase, you may select one of a dozen lovely bookmarks. You may also choose a circular envelope seal for each card you buy — so long as quantities last.

We have a selection of cards with French, with English, and with no text.¬† Most feature blank interiors that are ready for your personalization, and thus, perfect for many different occasions. Perhaps you’d like to take a look before the event so you have an idea what to expect.

Watch also for a few photos taken in Terrasse-Vaudreuil. These would be great to send to your family and friends: Show You Care with scenes of the beautiful little town you live in.

I look forward to seeing you at Terrasse en Art on Sunday, November 26th — that’s in less than two weeks — in¬†our beautiful little town community centre.

Be there or be square. ūüėČ

Oyez! Oyez! Terrasse . . . en Art!

I do believe this upcoming premier event should be on everyone’s calendar.22519880_770651369804494_4914648082022069830_o (1)

“Why?” you may ask. “What’s so special about Terrasse en Art?”

Well, for one thing, it’s going to be a happening event¬†in Terrasse-Vaudreuil — the first of its kind! And, we will all get to meet our¬†local artists and admire and buy their creative wares.

Yours truly will be there too, offering a fabulous collection of greeting cards for every imaginable occasion.

The majority of the newest cards are conveniently blank inside and have no text on the outside — this makes them appropriate for any and all languages and for a variety of greetings, including sympathy, birthdays, holidays, congratulations, and anniversaries, or even just to say, “Hello!”

Each card is in its own protective sleeve, so that you can keep them on hand, neat and clean, ready to send to your loved ones at a moment’s notice. At the current low price of $3.00 each, it is worth while to stock up.

If you’d like to have a sneak peak at what you might see on the 26th of November, feel free to check out this link: Audities’ Cards — Show You Care¬†and prepare your shopping list ahead of time.

House-of-Cards Party

image (1)

This afternoon, after playing three hours of volleyball, I and 10 other players spent a lovely few hours together in the home of our friend, Darlene. She had kindly offered to host the get-together so that Audities’ Cards could exhibit their collection. While nibbling on the generously provided delectables, the girls had a relaxing time chit-chatting and shopping from the hundred or so selections of greeting cards. What a delightful time we had.

Thank you, Darlene, and thank you, friends.

I’ve been thinking that with Kevin Spacey’s series being cancelled, perhaps we could call this kind of get-together a “House of Cards Party.”

Perhaps you too would be interested in hosting such a gathering?

Dialogues in the Park

I don’t know if we asked the right questions, nor if we found the right solutions, but I do know that it was a beginning — perhaps.


Last evening, in one of my town parks, a handful of citizens met to shake hands and talk with the mayor and four candidates for the upcoming municipal election. And it was good. For someone, like yours truly, who is mostly too intimidated to stand up at council meetings, it was a chance to share my voice, and to be heard. There were two “secretaries” taking notes as we sat on, and stood around, the bleachers and tossed out our ideas, our compliments, and our criticisms. It was an informal, but maybe effective way to communicate, and possibly it will help to bring about change. Change that we all say we want: transparency and a response to our particular needs as residents in this small town.

There is no way elected representatives can know what we need if we don’t interact with them and tell them directly what is important to us. And this was an opportunity to do just that.

From what I understand, this relaxing get-together will be repeated next Wednesday at the beach, although probably not for a swim. Why don’t you join in and help make a difference? This is such an easy way to make sure your perspectives/opinions will be taken into consideration when the newly elected council meets. Let’s make a concerted effort to have a truly representative local government that acts on the behalf of all of us.

Intellectual Property Rules — Just Sayin’

When I design a card for a young boy who loves trucks, I like to use the photo of a truck as the main attraction. It makes sense, right?


P1040553 (5)

And because I like old classics, I might lean toward modifying the photo of an old truck, like the beauty above.

Well, not so fast.

Because of intellectual property restrictions, I cannot simply take my photo of the beautiful old truck and use it on Frederic’s card. In fact, sadly, I had to disguise it so completely that it is no longer — to an adult — recognizable as a Chevy.


Thankfully, this two-year-old boy also likes ice cream, animals, balloons and candles. I’m hoping that these overlays on his birthday card will succeed in entertaining him.

Even if he doesn’t see the truck. ūüėČ

Marie Antoinette’s Painter — √Člisabeth Vig√©e Le Brun

Although I am not a painter, I feel inspired by the life of this woman.

Self-portrait_with_Her_Daughter_by_Elisabeth-Louise_VigeŐĀe_Le_Brun (1)


Born in 1755, I would guess this prolific artist must have been quite happy and fulfilled — she painted 660 portraits and 200 landscapes in her lifetime, and died just before her 87th birthday. Perhaps it was the exposure to intrigue and nobility. Alas, I don’t have much of that in my life.

Alas, too, I missed seeing this exhibit in New York last year. I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed it.

Six Years Ago Today I Retired

Now I’m free to relax as much as I like!

image (74)

And that, indeed, is the challenge — we retirees don’t relax. Instead, we follow our interests wherever they lead, and then we end up so busy that we wonder how we ever had time for a career.

But it’s all good — I have never been too keen on long boring meetings in make-work projects for the Minist√®re de l’√Čducation. These days, they are never on my agenda.

What do you do, in your retirement, to stay out of mischief?


Back to Healthy Habits

My sleeplessness in Terrasse was a wake-up call. ūüôā¬†But now I’m getting back on track.
image (32)

Unfortunately, all my good routines and well-developed habits, got lost when I was taken off the rails by recent stressful events. (Yes, priorities have a way of taking control.) So, for a variety of reasons, I stopped walking every morning, listening to Weston A. Price Foundation – Wise Traditions podcasts, dry brushing, making and drinking beet kvas, making and drinking bone broth and eating naturally fermented sauerkraut every morning. I also missed out on seeing what was going on in the “hood” — on a normal day. Add these changes to the additional mental load of “figuring-out and planning,” and I got what I got!

So, having just returned from a 5 km tour of my town, and re-learning what I already knew about gut microbes, I am all set to peel some beets. ūüėČ

Donna, I’m going to catch up to you again.

A Cautionary Tale of Self-Medication

These days, with the setting of the sun, I start to look forward to bed-time, ever hopeful of a good eight hours.


Since the flood, though, this has been harder and harder to achieve. And for hours every night I solve all the world’s (or at least all my) problems. As a result, I regularly feel very tired throughout the day. In fact, I have become so tired of feeling tired, that a few days ago I decided to investigate my options. After reflection and discussion with the local pharmacist, I settled on melatonin, the natural sleep hormone. I’m sure that you’ve all heard of it. I chose a strong (too strong?) time-released option so that I wouldn’t have my normal 2:00 a.m. wake-up call.

Boy oh boy, did I sleep! A full eight hours or more of dream-filled sleep. Imagine that.

But boy, oh boy, did I pay for it! The next morning, I felt head-achey, and nauseous. This feeling continued well into the middle of the next afternoon. Yeuch! I would have been much better off sleeping only 4 or 5 hours and suffering from being tired than suffering from that lousy wooziness. It was not fun. So no more melatonin for me.

I’ve learned the hard way that, maybe in the evening, I should¬†concentrate on drinking more camomile tea, drinking no wine and drinking-in less Netflix screen time. Will that work?

Do you have any suggestions to offer me?


This Old House Has Seen Better Days

And so has mine.IMGP6218 (1)

Do you remember, Doh, when we wandered through this beauty more than 14 years ago?¬†By now, I’m sure she is gone.

In any case, regardless of my nostalgic attraction to this kind of architecture, I’m very happy my home is not this bad. Not by a long stretch.

However, since the Flood of ’17,¬†I do have issues with my foundation, and yes, indeed, I have concerns about it. I also have options. Hmmmm . . . ¬†many $$$$’s worth of options. What to do? Ignore? Repair? Replace? We’ll see.

More importantly, how will I pay for . . . whatever I choose? Will I receive any financial assistance for the work? This too, remains to be seen.

Perhaps one day, in the not-too-distant future, I will have many more interesting photos to show you. ūüôā

We’ll see.



Flooded Foundations Need Fixing

Yes, cement block foundations like mine suffer from floods, so¬†like many other home-owners, I too am looking at a¬†“repair or replace” solution.

IMGP2522 (1)

Luckily, though, my home is not leaning like this church.

I wonder if it’s still standing. It’s time to go back for a visit.



Wall? What Wall?


Marathon Number Five

twenty-eight degrees outside;

much warmer inside this suit,

and behind this mask on her face;

shortness of breath;

sopping-wet tentest insulation board

up and out the window;

dripping-wet electronics

up the stairs and out;

weakness in her legs and arms and back and neck and fingers;

physical and mental exhaustion;

hitting the wall and continuing;

determination in her every step;

a smile on her face;

twenty-six miles is nothing compared to this!




How They Spoiled Us!

Mother’s Day came and went with little fanfare this year. And that’s okay–it was a busy day in the flood zone.

IMG_0592 (1)

But it started out beautifully with our mayor delivering breakfast along with a rose, generously donated by our local pharmacy. Oh, how lovely! Thank you!

What Continues to Stick in My Craw

To stick in one’s craw: to be difficult to swallow;¬†to cause lasting annoyance, irritation or hard feelings.


It was early days, relatively speaking, in the drama of the flood of my home. We¬†had just bought, and successfully managed to hook up, ¬†a 7 horsepower gas pump which, along with three electric sump pumps, might help keep the water in the basement at a safe level–i.e. below the power panel. Neighbours, and friends, and family, and gawkers alike were gathering on the street to watch the threatening rise of the water. After all, at these levels, it was indeed, a novelty to us all. And we all became gawkers! And many of us became very frightened.

A man of my acquaintance approached and asked if he could give me his opinion. I told him that yes, I was worried and would be happy to hear anything that might help the situation. Little did I know that what he planned to say would be so unwelcome.

His advice was to abandon ship and¬†give up the battle. I should¬†switch off my circuit breaker, stop pumping out water and let my basement fill up. He said it was useless and even foolish to believe that there was hope that the pumping would make a difference. He also implied that I was selfish to continue pumping when I should, instead, help the neighbour who was still managing to keep the water out of her house. That¬†was where I should really put my remaining energy–into helping my neighbour and¬†her army of helpers keep water out of her house. She had so much more to lose.

Was I too fragile for such wise advice? Was I too sensitive and self-absorbed to receive the truth? Maybe.

Well, thankfully, I rejected his advice. I didn’t give in and I didn’t give up. Instead, I continued to fight. And the three feet of water in my home is now gone.

Now I plan to selfishly get on with the clean-up of my home. And no, I will not be helping my neighbour clean up her sandbags.

So, now you know. That is what sticks in my craw. That is what I cannot forget. That is what keeps me, in part, from really moving on. But, of course, I will. And soon.

Yes, I will forgive. But, sadly, it is unlikely that I will easily forget. But I will try.

La Vie En Rose

After more than ten days of not giving up and not giving in, . . .


. . . and choosing to go without certain creatures comforts, and putting so much energy into pumping out water, we can now sleep much easier: there is heat coming from the furnace and hot water coming from the tank! Yeah!

Now I plan to have a hot bath!