Ann was Created in 1915 — So of Course She is Raggedy

The Ann featured here came to life for my daughter in 1974. Two weeks from now, they will both turn 45!


Our Ann doesn’t look quite as fresh as this image portrays, though, so I had to resort to the botox of photo editing. That way I was able to remove the crayon wrinkles from her face.

Unfortunately, I am not able to remove the trademark restrictions from using her name on this card. That’s why she is just Floppy Rag Doll.

FYI, the 1970 McCall’s pattern #2531 I used is apparently still available, so you too can make a floppy rag doll of your own, for your daughter or granddaughter.

Read the Raggedy Ann Story here.

IMG_3804 (1)

Here’s Ann again on another card, designed three years ago for one of my granddaughters — the granddaughter who now also owns Ann.

And so it goes.

Truth Be Told

img_0794The drive to know possibly has something to do with my seven decades. It has, though, for a good long time, been a quite-intense-work-in-progress* — made so much easier with the accessibility of the internet. I remember stressing on my students — time and time again — that, with this tool, they had a wonderful free gift of knowledge right in front of them,  and all they had to do was unwrap it. Be curious, read, research, dig, question, study, learn, cross-reference, reject, start again, …. I told them there was no excuse to be in the dark about anything. The responsibility to look for the answers, however, was theirs alone. Thankfully, my retirement has given me the opportunity to continue to fulfill my responsibility and be a life-long-learner.

What I’m learning these days is very exciting: it wakes me up early — that way I have more time to read and study and understand; it keeps me endlessly searching, and researching, and buying and reading more books and scientific journals; it drives me to follow more Tweeters and Instagram-ers and bloggers; it seems to connect all the dots and give my life more focus.

Ultimately, I am determined to know The Truth. I cannot just believe. And there is so much to learn that I fear I am going to run out of time or energy. In today’s world, we cannot blindly trust the myopic, twisted or biased view of any media — mainstream or social alike. I am heedful of being scammed, and see that the only way to avoid it is to do my own thinking and then draw my own conclusions. Even when it is intimidating or even potentially risky to do so.

My first rebellious foray into acting-on-my-own-discoveries-of-Truth was when, ten years ago, I adopted a low-carb/high healthy fats way of eating. I totally bucked the mainstream food guides and, like many other brave souls, joined the “Paleo” gang. I did it in the face of all kinds of opposition/criticism/astonishment and ridicule from my family, friends and colleagues. (One astute critic commented that, “Five years ago you were all Gung Ho about The Zone!” ) Well, yes, maybe, but so what? Live and learn! 😉

Further, I not only did my own thing, and lost my 30 plus pounds, and became healthier, but I also talked about it and shared the Truth as I then saw it. If you are interested you can read more about that adventure here: Sunflower Girls Blog

This was and is an ongoing journey as more and more nutritionists and scientists share their Truth about food on social media and in scientific journals. Check out, for example, in random order, Professor Timothy Noakes, Nina Teicholz, Marika Sboros, Dr. Gary Fettke, Dr. Robert Lustig, Gary Taubes, Dr. Malcom Kendrick, Travis Christofferson, to name only a few…. They are all rebels in their fields, and inspire me to continue seeking the Truth in the realm of health, nutrition and disease.

Moving on from my LFHC discovery, I continue to venture into many other fascinating and contentious areas including sun screens, cosmetics, cancer, gardening, fermented foods, bone broths, meat-eating, fibre, vaccinations, wild harvesting, composting, recycling, methane, pharmaceuticals, etc. And so the rebel road trip continues. I often encounter the money trail heading in the opposite direction.

These days I’m immersed in Professor Jordan B Peterson’s work: his 12 Rules of Life, and his much documented views on social justice and freedom of speech; gender equality and pronouns; …. It is fascinating and all-consuming. And thanks to Professor Peterson, I’ve become even more courageous about sharing my sometimes unconventional and unpopular opinions. I’ve also decided to take to heart his advice on thinking and telling the truth.

“When you have something to say, silence is a lie.” “In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive.” Jordan B Peterson quotes on Instagram.

So, with that in mind, I will share that I’ve also recently, but seriously, joined the ranks of the skeptics who question anthropogenic Climate Change. And, truth really be told, I’m edging towards denier.

What a fascinating world of politics and science!

  • Some would call this an addiction. Maybe.




In the Red!

Chez moi, at Audities’ House of Cards, when I’m not taking photos, or designing greeting cards, I tend to dabble in experiments with fermented foods.

To date, I’ve mastered kombucha quite well, and drink it regularly. I’ve also successfully fermented beets, made beet kvass, and most recently, produced some delicious white cabbage sauerkraut. So now, I am on to a new venture: red cabbage sauerkraut.

For your enjoyment, I’ve documented the process from two days ago.

IMG_0036 (1)
Cabbage salt mixture

IMG_0033 (2)
Gray sea salt with some pink Himalayan

I added about four healthy teaspoons of coarse gray sea salt to about two and a half pounds of coarsely shredded red cabbage, and blended it together with my hands. The salt made the cabbage glisten with moisture almost immediately.

IMG_0031 (1)
Before using the mallet

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Water Treatment on 11th

IMG_0135 (3)

I’ve decided to make a few greeting cards using the designs from the walls of my friend’s house. On this one I’ve added a water filter as a sad reminder of the events of May 2017. Unfortunately, I have not been able to conclusively nail down the artist responsible so cannot give him credit for his unique creation.

Join us at Terrasse en Art on November 18th to see this card and others featuring scenes from Terrasse Vaudreuil.

Self-Promotion Time

Voici Audities’ Cards on Facebook.

Montrez à vos êtres aimés qu’ils vous tiennent à cœur avec des cartes d’Audities’ Cards!

Des cartes de haute qualité, uniques et abordables, faites à partir de photos de ma collection personnelle, de photographies d’illustrations antiques et de gravures. Ces charmes en image ont droit à une seconde vie au lieu d’être enfermés dans des livres où personne les voit.

Toutes les cartes en inventaire sont seulement 3 $ ou moins.

La plupart sont sans texte à l’intérieur.

Pour toute commande de 10 cartes, il me fera plaisir de vous inscrire un message personnalisé sur le dessus ou à l’intérieur de la carte et ce, selon vos préférences.

Venez la rencontrer de 10 h à 15 h

au Centre communautaire

78, 7e Avenue, Terrasse-Vaudreuil

Terrasse en Art

Can You Help Me?

I’d like to give credit to the gentleman who decorated so many homes in Terrasse Vaudreuil some thirty-odd or more? years ago — even if he is no longer living. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding the information I need.

The initials appear to be F.K. and I have heard the name Fred Kliner or Kleiner. Can anyone confirm this for me, please?

Much appreciated.IMG_0111 (1)

IMG_0135 (2)



Heartaches and Goodbyes

Watching a home be demolished


and then be trucked away

was something that stirred my adrenaline —

I don’t see this every day.

I was awed by his skill with the shovel —

that operator worked so well.

But the emotions that grew as I watched him

Made the pain in my stomach swell.

How can this family recover?

How can they turn the page?

How can they feel that justice was done,

Or feel anything other than rage?

The Sadness of Walking Away



One Laundry-Day in the Hood

I hang laundry while standing on the bench so I can reach the line. I feel a bit rebellious since someone once told me I should be careful.

I admit that I do have a preference for using the same colour pegs for each item — I even back-track and change the pegged colour if I’ve messed up. I also choose the peg colours to suit the colour of the item I’m hanging. Where does that come from? And why?

It’s very comforting to hang according to some order/some personal rules, whatever they may be.

I choose to put the heavier items first because they take longer to dry. I hang pants from the cuff, not from the waist which is often too thick for the pegs. I like to hang shirts and t-shirts across the middle of the torso so they leave less evidence of being captured by the pegs. I like to avoid ironing.


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I’m Vending My Wares

I’ve just recently begun offering to display and sell Audities’ Cards in seniors’ residences. To date the cards have been well-received by the residents, so I will continue.

This choice has given me yet another excuse to design a sign to promote my craft.

Affiche boutique 2 (3)

If you have suggestions and contact information for me, I would be grateful. Thank you.

Nine Months Later

IMG_0398 (1)


Actually, there are quite a number of rounded bellies in my yard, leading me to worry. Where will all this snow go? There is only so much that sublimation can take care of, right? How much will be left to melt in the spring? And where will the melt water go?

I’m guessing that if we get a lot of sun and wind, and the weather stays cold, then a lot of this snow will disappear before we get to the melting stage. Hmmm. Does anyone know? Google, here I come.

Thinking For Myself in 2018

As I go about my busy life, I get many reactions:

To Share is to Care

  • “What?”
  • “You’re kidding!”
  • “Why?”
  • “That’s just weird.”
  • “I don’t understand.”
  • “You had better be careful!”

And, every summer, when I spend a week with my five sisters and their hubbies, I hear many variations of the same surprised reactions. And the reason is simple: I think for myself, and once I reach my conclusions, I act on my beliefs — no matter how unconventional. Unfortunately for my brothers-in-law, I also share most of these ideas with my more adventurous sisters. 😉 Some of the men call me a witch; they blame me for getting their wives into things they consider “weird.”

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