What If?

Imagine that the runny nose, fever and cough that we occasionally experience are not an indication of sickness?

Imagine that these “symptoms of infection” are actually evidence that our bodies are doing their job of repairing, restoring and healing – through the processes of inflammation, fever, diarrhea, etc. that make us feel miserable.

Imagine that these signs of sickness are, in fact, signs that our bodies are in the process of doing what they are designed to do best: expel toxic substances, influences, and other unwanted harmful invaders.

And then, imagine further, that by taking the drugs (often toxic to the body) that we hope will reduce or eliminate those nasty symptoms, we actually give our bodies more work to do.

Dawn Lester and David Parker explore these and many other fascinating topics in their 700-plus-page book, What Really Makes You Ill?

I’m having a difficult time putting this weighty tome down.