More specifically, I mean Travis Christofferson’s Tripping over the Truth: my most recent love.IMGP4636
Yes, I am a real sucker for well-written, non-fiction works that intelligently and effectively argue their point, and keep me engaged from beginning to end. And this one does so superbly – in part, I must admit, because this book preaches to the converted: I already believe – after hours and days and weeks, and literally years of reading and studying – that cancer, along with many other modern diseases, is a metabolic disorder. We are, indeed, making ourselves sick by what and how we eat. And to be really well, we must change both.

Some time ago I switched from making a concerted effort to follow the suggested and accepted Food Guides for Health, to following a controversial, high fat, low carb way of eating. For at least  8 years, I have regularly eaten bacon and eggs, and fatty meats, and avocado, and high fat cheeses, and lots and lots of butter and coconut oil; I typically prefer to eschew the potatoes, the pastas, the whole grains and the daily 5 to 6 servings of veggies and fruits. And I never drink juices or soft drinks. I also eat only two meals a day, with no snacking. Feeling and being healthier, and carrying around at least 30 pounds less with absolutely no effort, has kept me a believer. Those of you who are interested can read more about this journey here on Sunflower Girls.

So, to read a book about the advantages of such a ketogenic diet in the fight against cancer is not at all a struggle for me. Instead, it excites me to read the science behind the ideas, and to understand more clearly why the way I’m eating is indeed smart.

Tripping Over the Truth follows closely on the heels of my previous heart-throb, Nina Teicholz’ The Big Fat Surprise – another fabulous page turner which I devoured, in short order, a few short months ago.

All of this, dear readers, may in part, explain why I have been negligent about posting: I am busy reading and  studying and learning. And it is so exciting! And I tell you because I care.

Now that I’ve put the bug in your ear, you may be too busy to read my posts anyway. 🙂


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