It’s amazing how a landscape can change its appearance in such a short span of time.

Our small community has recently had a facelift–now we sport an exceptional collection of noisy equipment; relatively quieter watercraft; and impressive, multi-wheeled vehicles.

Lakefront Property
An Army Jeep . . .

. . . that can haul 1 1/4 tons of sand bags and ford 3 feet of water!

IMG_0385 (1)
A Bigger Army Vehicle  . . .

. . . that impresses by its sheer size.

And to help me shore up my basement pool, I have this personal little 7 HP companion, which I’ve now learned how to keep primed.

So, I’m all set–for now.

Primed Swimming Area

Yes, we’re still managing–with a lot of much-appreciated help from our friends–old and new! Thank you, dear volunteers for all you do.

But, even though I try to make light of it all, I’m still worried. This is not a fun experience.

4 thoughts on “Our Lovely and Lively Resort

  1. Glad to hear that your personal 7 hp buddy is doing the job. Apparently size does matter! I would have loved to have seen pictures of Justin talking to you but couldn’t find it in the news reels;-). It is a heck of a way to meet the Prime Minister though.
    Chin up sis, the end is near.

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  2. I am heartsick just thinking of all you are enduring right now. I pray that it stops raining and things start improving.


      1. It sounds as if there is a faint light at the end of the tunnel….you just have to continue towards it! Lower water levels is good news sis.


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