And so has mine.IMGP6218 (1)

Do you remember, Doh, when we wandered through this beauty more than 14 years ago? By now, I’m sure she is gone.

In any case, regardless of my nostalgic attraction to this kind of architecture, I’m very happy my home is not this bad. Not by a long stretch.

However, since the Flood of ’17, I do have issues with my foundation, and yes, indeed, I have concerns about it. I also have options. Hmmmm . . .  many $$$$’s worth of options. What to do? Ignore? Repair? Replace? We’ll see.

More importantly, how will I pay for . . . whatever I choose? Will I receive any financial assistance for the work? This too, remains to be seen.

Perhaps one day, in the not-too-distant future, I will have many more interesting photos to show you. 🙂

We’ll see.



One thought on “This Old House Has Seen Better Days

  1. Yes I remember trekking through this relic! I still have a strange attraction to old, houses. Not sure what it is but the broken, missing windows and crooked timbers seem to call to me. You do have a tough decision to make…good luck with that.


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