This post has been jiggling around for awhile, so today is the day! 😉

My sample of one of Mom’s recent cards. She has no serious arthritis, so I’m hoping she will enjoy some colouring too.

When my dear Daddy was not well and mostly house-bound with emphysema, I had a habit of sending him postcards, with almost every square millimetre filled with words or drawings and colours. There was no special schedule, but I sent dozens to him over the last couple of years of his life. And it always made me happy to think of him receiving them.

I have had plans to do the same for Mom who is in a senior’s residence where, in spite of her dementia, she is very happy and comfortable. Although she is well taken care of, she does have her down moments, so I believe that receiving happy snail mail could serve to perk her up when she needs a lift.

So, yes, I have had these plans. And, yes, I have sent cards semi-frequently. But! This is the House of Cards! I am the card lady! I can do better than that to Show I Care!

So, I have decided to make it a routine to send out a card every Monday morning. I have three back-to-back weeks under my belt, so I’m well on my way to a routine. 😉

What routines have you created to help you carry out your plans and good intentions?

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