I hang laundry while standing on the bench so I can reach the line. I feel a bit rebellious since someone once told me I should be careful.

I admit that I do have a preference for using the same colour pegs for each item — I even back-track and change the pegged colour if I’ve messed up. I also choose the peg colours to suit the colour of the item I’m hanging. Where does that come from? And why?

It’s very comforting to hang according to some order/some personal rules, whatever they may be.

I choose to put the heavier items first because they take longer to dry. I hang pants from the cuff, not from the waist which is often too thick for the pegs. I like to hang shirts and t-shirts across the middle of the torso so they leave less evidence of being captured by the pegs. I like to avoid ironing.


I hang towels and tea towels, etc. over the deck railing so there are no creases or peg marks, and to free-up space on the line.

When it’s time to bring them in, I have an obsession with tri-folded towels, tea towels and napkins.


I LOVE the smell.

I LOVE the colours.


When I take the pegs off the line, I just drop them into the bucket — sometimes they bounce out.


This post was inspired by I-know-not-what, but, … I’m back!

One thought on “One Laundry-Day in the Hood

  1. Hmmm is this a clothes peg fetish perhaps? I know where the tri-fold system for towels etc. came from. I was taught the same way when I reached that magic age to be allowed to hang laundry as a pre-teen. I don’t colour code the pegs, but colours do have to hang with their own kind or at least with a variation of the same shade. The smell of clothes taken from the line is a strong memory from my child hood and never, ever get tired of it!


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