The Ann featured here came to life for my daughter in 1974. Two weeks from now, they will both turn 45!


Our Ann doesn’t look quite as fresh as this image portrays, though, so I had to resort to the botox of photo editing. That way I was able to remove the crayon wrinkles from her face.

Unfortunately, I am not able to remove the trademark restrictions from using her name on this card. That’s why she is just Floppy Rag Doll.

FYI, the 1970 McCall’s pattern #2531 I used is apparently still available, so you too can make a floppy rag doll of your own, for your daughter or granddaughter.

Read the Raggedy Ann Story here.

IMG_3804 (1)

Here’s Ann again on another card, designed three years ago for one of my granddaughters — the granddaughter who now also owns Ann.

And so it goes.

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