Now that the sewing bug has bitten me, I’ve decided to try another style of face mask — one that has no pocket for a filter, and no casing with ties. Instead it has pleats and an elastic to go around the ears. It is possibly a bit less complex.

This one is a combination of a few styles that I’ve seen and has been personalized by Audities’ tweaking.

As with the previous batch, I do one step at a time on multiple pieces before moving on to the next step.

Start with two layers of cotton.  I find it convenient to have two different colours or patterns. Cut them about 7 X 9 or 8 X 10. Or whatever suits the size of your piece of fabric. Place them wrong sides together.
With a hot iron fold in all sides twice, finishing up with the long sides folding over the shorter ends. No need to measure — just eyeball it.


Fold in half lengthwise, with insides together and make a sharp crease with the iron.
This is what the inside looks like.
Fold each side in half and line the edge up with the centre crease. Iron in two new creases.
Here is the inside view showing all three creases equally spaced apart.
Here is the outside view showing the three crease marks.
Starting at the side closest to you, fold up along the full length to form a pleat and pin.
Fold up the other two creases to form a total of three pleats.
This is the inside view of the three pleats. Press well to form sharp creases.
Cut two pieces of elastic about 6 1/2 – 7 inches long for each mask. In retrospect, I think they could be a bit shorter. It will depend too on the stretch of the elastic. This is what I had on hand — left over from my days of teaching Stretch & Sew at BouClair. 😉
Insert elastics within the folded hems at each end, being careful to make sure both ends are the same side up. I placed them so as to have the plush side next to the body, but it doesn’t really matter.
Stitch along the four sides, being sure to catch the elastic securely in place. Pay attention also that the pleats lie flat as you stitch.
The finished view of the right side.
Here is the inside view.
Eight more Easter Egg face masks. So long as you don’t get egg on your face, you’re all set. 😉

2 thoughts on “Masking-Up, Take Two — A Tutorial

  1. These look great and much simpler than others I have seen. I don’t have much fabric anymore so will have to dig through my wee stash!


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