These are difficult times, indeed. And you, apparently, are very afraid.

I don’t understand this fear, but I respect your right to look at what you see, and then to conclude that you have reasons to live in fear for yourself and others – and then to act accordingly.

I don’t understand it, but, though I am tempted to do so, I don’t judge you for your beliefs. And I don’t ridicule you. And I certainly do not accuse you of being selfish or inconsiderate of others when you do not hold their views or act according to their beliefs. Nor do I ask you to behave in any way to protect me. I do not hold you responsible for my life.

Today’s enforcement of mandatory mask-wearing in all enclosed spaces here in Quebec marks a very difficult next step for those of us who are not afraid, and who think outside the “approved” group-think accepted by so many.

My very sincere question though is this:

Why should my taking a stand and posting personal views of my position on Facebook be such a threat to you? So much of a threat, in fact, that it justifies comments like this:

“And how do you propose to protect the people around you? It’s not all about you.”

It’s easy to see why so many feel they should be afraid: we are all surrounded by the main-stream-media hype everywhere. Censorship abounds! No opposing views are ever allowed or even entertained as possibilities.

Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

Apparently they don’t trust that we are educated enough to even hear the views of opposing virologists and scientists without making unwise, radical choices that would put the whole world in danger. Allowing us to hear other views, and decide what we believe would be unsafe for all of us.

They are afraid – afraid of what we might think and do? And afraid that we might stubbornly find support to disagree with the one and only view they present.

But why would anyone disagree? Why would anyone not join the ranks of those who happily don a mask — for others?

I don’t know about others, but here are some of my reasons:

I am curious and a critical thinker.

I am a voracious reader, and know how to get valid and trustworthy information outside of the mainstream media.

I have the privilege of time to investigate a multitude and variety of resources.

I have the confidence to speak about my beliefs and discuss them with other questioners.

I have the courage to go against the things that I believe do not make sense.

I have conviction and I try to always act according to my principles.

I am convinced that I am not being told the complete truth.

This Quebec ruling puts me in a very difficult position because I believe that:

  • my wearing a mask protects me from nothing that you may or may not have.
  • my wearing a mask protects you from nothing that I may or may not have.
  • my wearing a mask gives me headaches and nauseousness.
  • my wearing a mask means that I am breathing in my own hot carbon dioxide.
  • my wearing a mask compromises my health much more than any imagined virus.

I also believe that we should be sharing our micro-biomes with each other – by congregating, and talking, and touching, and growing healthier and stronger as a result.

I realize that this is not a popular position. But my research has given me the knowledge that has truly eradicated my fear; my knowledge, though certainly not absolute, has given me enough courage to take the position I do; my knowledge has allowed me to fight for my freedom of expression – whether or not it offends you.

I too am offended – offended that people feel that it’s okay to point out that the government’s forcing me to wear a mask is such a small sacrifice compared to being on a ventilator! Or that I need reprimanding if I consider going to IGA without a mask! Or that I obviously think it’s only about me! My irresponsibility could be putting their mothers’ and grandmothers’ lives at risk!

Truth be told, though, I am frightened too.

I’m frightened of how people have become suspicious of others; and of their motives; and of their beliefs; and of their actions; and of nature and life itself! And I’m frightened when I see children mistrust each other; and worry about smiling adults; and be afraid to look at people; or talk to them. This fear seeps into a kind of anger that haunts me, and exhausts me. This fear is daily stealing away the very fabric of joy in my life.

Although this appears to be dramatic, it is, sadly, very sincere. 😦

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