In the beginning of my career as a print-on-demand greeting card designer, I had a plan.

love, hearts, roses, birthday, romantic

I saw myself, first and foremost, as a photographer and then only secondly as a card designer. I knew that in the world of photography, I was a very small pixel, so to speak, but featuring my photographs on greeting cards to help others show their affection, could actually be a delightful solution all round.

In my attempts to perfect these two skills I had used identical approaches: I simply learned by doing. I kept at it, and just did it until I mostly figured it out.  After all, I was neither a photographer, nor a designer– by profession, I was an English teacher. And teaching my mother tongue was where my love for words was used the most–engaging students and helping them appreciate the beauty and functionality of the English language.

So back to Alanis Morissette‘s question: Isn’t it Ironic?  You see, the card above, or a variation of this card has been my best seller, and it has nothing to do with photography.

We never know how things will turn out. Indeed, we just have to keep on keeping on, and see what happens.

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