Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Well, yes, it is more springy out there: the birds are all a-twitter and the temperatures are more inviting.

Happy Spring Bird

But now we need some sunshine!

The rain has been falling for several days; lake and river levels are rising; basements are getting wet and yes, even flooded; it’s definitely time for a break.



Behaviour 101 — No More Tiptoeing Around

We do have choices. We just have to be brave enough to act upon them.

When people expose us, or others-in-our-company, to inappropriate behaviour that includes over-reacting, sulking, ranting, bullying, criticizing, belittling, ridiculing or any of many other demeaning styles, we do not have to tolerate it, or feel bad, or fidget, or hang our heads, or crawl within our shells, or in any way, accept it. Indeed, we have an obligation to ourselves and others to not ignore it. And to not accept it. If we are faced with unkind, unnecessary, unproductive and quite simply, unacceptable behaviour, we must stop tiptoeing around, and react. Pointe finale!

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Teenage Girls Don’t Need Makeup

Pay attention, girls, ’cause I’m telling you the truth:

You don’t need any makeup to get your through your youth.

True beauty – that is real – doesn’t come inside a jar.

It’s important that you realize, you’re great the way you are.

image-10Forget about the lipstick, mascara, cream and blush.

They may make you look older, but what’s all the rush?

Enjoy your life at thirteen; learn to love yourself;

Stop looking in the mirror; leave the products on the shelf.

They’re full of nasty chemicals that aren’t good for you;

They coat your skin and lashes and muck your lips up too.

Plus after you have put them on, and you’re caked with all that stuff,

Before you go to bed at night, you have to scrub it off.

Finally, when you’ve finished that, your face is once more clean.

But wait! According to the pros, you must apply more cream.

Yes, this circle is a vicious one. It’s really quite a pain.

Before you leave to go to school, you must dress your face – again!

These products are not good for you, and look at the price you pay!

Though they promise to make you beautiful, this is what I say:

Without them you ARE beautiful, and you have a lot more time,

To do the things that really count, and that really help you shine.

Just be yourself and live your life; do real things – for you.

Spend time with friends, and learn, and do. Be beautifully real and true!

Don’t listen to cosmetics claims – the scene they show is fake.

Real women don’t look anything like the nonsense they portray.

Ignore their ads and keep your cash, and refuse to pay the price.

Instead of falling for their claims, consider my advice.

Makeup can cost a fortune, and help companies grow richer.

Just forget all their slick talk and listen to your teacher.


Note:This Rapper Drake” wrote and performed a shorter version of this rap for students in her last years of teaching at Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie, a girls’ school in Outremont, Quebec.

Thank you, Robert Frost


The woods are lovely, [white and bright,]

But I have [Wordpress posts to write,

And work to do before tonight,

And work to do before tonight.]

It’s rare that I enter these woods without the words of Robert Frost’s famous poem dancing through my mind. But since I was there on a sunny afternoon, his words didn’t quite ring true. So, I had to modify them. And yes, now they respect the moment. 🙂

Perhaps you’d like to listen to Robert Frost reading his original creation, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening.

From Illustration to Greeting Card

Turning an interesting old illustration into a greeting card, requires a few steps, including from the very beginning, research on copyrights and “Permission to Use.”


With the legalities taken care of, we then imagine how we would like to use the selection in an original or personal way that says Audities’ Cards.


Browsing through our photos, we find an image that could be combined with the illustration to create an interesting or humorous message.


Then, through patience and the magic of photo editing, we combine the two photos to create the scene.


Finally, we work on the finishing touches to the image, and add the overlays and text to complete the greeting.

Now, surely you agree: that’s fun!

Enough Stuff

When I look around me, I see educated and very intelligent sick people. The disease they suffer from is affluenza, a serious addiction to buying . . . stuff.  Stuff they do not need or even really want, but stuff they feel compelled to buy. At first glance, you would say they are healthy and happy and wise about their spending, but they spend a lot of time saying: “I’ve just bought this!” and, “I got this on sale!” and, “I’m so excited about my new this!” Usually they are also very good at justifying their need for this new stuff.

The Pink Lady in 2009 — A 3-story house with 21 rooms full of stuff!

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Ordering Cards

Although the process of ordering cards on Greeting Card Universe is very user-friendly, some of you may appreciate a little hand-holding the first time you do it. Follow these steps and you’ll surely agree that it is quite painless.


Click on the link to Audities’ Cards: Online Greeting Card Store where you’ll see the above banner.

Browse through the selections to locate the card that tickles your fancy–one that suits your recipient and the occasion. Let’s say you’d like something fun for your 4-year-old granddaughter, Katherine.

Hover over your choice and click to open the individual view of the card details. Say you have chosen this one: Floppy Doll Valentine

Select one of two options. If you choose  “Add to Cart no personalization” you will see a new screen with two more choices: “Add to Cart and Checkout” or “Add to cart and continue shopping.” You decide when you are ready to advance to the order stage.

If you choose the second option to “Personalize Inside” and modify the inside message, you may change the font type, size and colour. In this case, you would probably want to include your granddaughter’s name, and say something personal just for her. Also, using a child’s font rather than script will increase the chances that she can read your message herself.

Another choice you have is the opportunity to write a closing, such as, “With hugs from Grandma!” You would want to fill this in if you decide to have the card sent directly to your granddaughter, rather than having it sent to you first. This really works like a charm! If you are in a time-crunch, or the recipient lives overseas, it is, indeed, a very convenient option. And think of how Katherine will feel to find mail in the box just for her!

Other choices reflecting the finish (glossy or matte) and the view on the back (standard or simple) are available here too. Once you have made your choices, you will have to click the approve button to indicate that you are satisfied. There are actually two consecutive screens for this process.

The final nitty-gritty involves entering addresses and payment details. And I’ll leave that up to you. For your information, the most expensive card–if you buy only one–is $3.50 US plus shipping.

You see? Economical and Easy-Peasy, right?

Did I forget anything? Try it out now, and let me know. Contact Audities’ Cards

Moonstruck Valentine

Personally, I believe that we can make every day as romantic as Valentine’s Day, but if you’d like to shine a special light on the event, consider this greeting.

Full Moon Valentine

Or browse my store for more selections. Audities’ Cards

You have just over three weeks to choose and order. And remember, you can personalize all interior messages quickly and easily with a few clicks on your keyboard.

Social Media!

Social media can be fun!

Indeed, it is fun once we get to the social part of it. But, boy oh boy, can it be challenging if we want to try something different; or make changes to something we’ve already learned how to do; or do something quickly, because “Hey! I already know how to do this!”

If only!