Caring and sociable people who are flexible, and willing to dedicate time and energy to help others, and even just to be with them, must learn to respect their own limits. Before they reach these limits.


They don’t want to say no. Their will-power seems alive and well, and their bodies seem willing and able. Indeed, they even like to see themselves as able to accommodate everyone’s wishes, almost at the drop of a hat.  So why not?

The problem is that when they do too much, they develop a gradual, creeping mental fatigue. If they ignore this sign, their minds begin to resemble the photo above.

Indeed, these people must learn to say, “No, sorry. I can’t do it. Not today.” Then they should go into hiding and spend some time alone. With a book. Or a laptop. Or a pillow and blanket.

So, that’s what Im going to do this afternoon. It’s the only way I can see me being there tomorrow-for you.




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