… and we’re almost on the brink.

IMG_0224 (1) We are lucky, though, to live on an avenue where we all pull together and help each other cope: we slug around sand bags and drain hoses; we deliver sandwiches and coffee; we offer our driveways and extra sump-pumps; we share tears and hugs of support. And we manage.

Here I am carrying bags for a family who has to evacuate because of flooding. With waders, walking down the middle of the street is doable, and actually, a lot of fun. I am quite happy, though, to have Gabi’s walking stick–just in case. Thanks, Gabi.

They’re telling us we should expect yet another six inches! Hmmm. ???

Oh well. Mother Nature is in charge, … and regardless, … our avenue will be ready! We’ll just keep on keeping on!

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