My sleeplessness in Terrasse was a wake-up call. 🙂 But now I’m getting back on track.
image (32)

Unfortunately, all my good routines and well-developed habits, got lost when I was taken off the rails by recent stressful events. (Yes, priorities have a way of taking control.) So, for a variety of reasons, I stopped walking every morning, listening to Weston A. Price Foundation – Wise Traditions podcasts, dry brushing, making and drinking beet kvas, making and drinking bone broth and eating naturally fermented sauerkraut every morning. I also missed out on seeing what was going on in the “hood” — on a normal day. Add these changes to the additional mental load of “figuring-out and planning,” and I got what I got!

So, having just returned from a 5 km tour of my town, and re-learning what I already knew about gut microbes, I am all set to peel some beets. 😉

Donna, I’m going to catch up to you again.

2 thoughts on “Back to Healthy Habits

  1. Yay, after all, you are my mentor in MY healthy eating journey. I sometimes go astray when life gets in the way but it feels soooo good once we realize our folly and return to the routine we knew was to our benefit. Congrats on finding your way back!


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