Now I’m free to relax as much as I like!

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And that, indeed, is the challenge — we retirees don’t relax. Instead, we follow our interests wherever they lead, and then we end up so busy that we wonder how we ever had time for a career.

But it’s all good — I have never been too keen on long boring meetings in make-work projects for the Ministère de l’Éducation. These days, they are never on my agenda.

What do you do, in your retirement, to stay out of mischief?


One thought on “Six Years Ago Today I Retired

  1. Mischief? Can’t say I actually ever really stay out of mischief, that would be a bit boring. I do a lot of re-vamping my flower beds, whether they need it or not, listening to pod-casts while on my walks or while cleaning for my 5 clients, searching the web for the latest news on herbal cures, natural eating habits and how to best prepare grass fed meats and poultry. That pretty much fills my morning!


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