What I was doing naturally, and regularly, one short year ago:

  • spontaneously sharing stories, jokes, recipes; handshakes, and hugs;
  • enjoying large and extended family celebrations
  • having healthy and happy conversations, with friends and strangers in their homes, on the street or in the shops
  • spontaneously extending and accepting invitations for coffee or a glass of wine or a walk in the woods
  • playing volleyball with 35 wonderful women
  • going to concerts and listening to fabulous music
  • mingling with the crowds on the boardwalk, or at the market, or in a restaurant
  • seeing an abundance of welcoming greetings and smiling faces
  • volunteering at my favourite Thrift Shops for Nova for a few hours a week
  • hearing lots of conversation and laughter everywhere
  • being my sociable self
  • feeling joy at being alive and healthy and free to live my life

What I’ve sacrificed:

  • precious time, now spent on forced, regulated, unnatural and unhealthy behaviours
  • the efficiency of normal, everyday transactions online, on the telephone and in person
  • valuable time with family and friends
  • the right to think, and speak, and act – honestly, freely and spontaneously
  • the freedom to go where I want, when I want and with whom I want, and buy whatever I consider essential to me – with cash if I choose
  • unfettered joy
  • fresh air in my lungs at all times

Emotions I struggle with as a result:

  • frustrations, anxiety, discouragement, despair, bitterness, sadness, emptiness
  • stress at not being able to be honest and real with people
  • disbelief at what is being regulated – and accepted – and policed
  • anger at being forced to adhere to illogical rules
  • anger at myself because I comply
Crown Shyness
Is this an example of adaptive behaviour? “… enabling the entity to get along in their environment with greatest success and least conflict with others. … relates to everyday skills or tasks that the “average” person is able to complete, similar to the term, life skills.”

Strategies I have employed to help me survive:

  • trying to focus on, and master feelings of gratitude = counting my many blessings
  • openly and profusely expressing my love of family and friends 
  • volunteering whenever and wherever I perceive a need = feeling fulfilled
  • encouraging myself and others to think and act according to our conscience
  • allowing myself to feel satisfaction and pride, and congratulating myself on minutiae
  • taking charge of my health, through food choices, exercise, breath work, mental, emotional and spiritual work = building strength
  • keeping my morning routine of exercising: the NOD, pushups, walking, sprinting,
  • being in charge of my priorities and choosing what I can, where and when I can
  • learning by listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading, researching, studying
  • being independent in action and thought
  • keeping my opinions to myself = couching the truth with vagueness and omission
  • staying in control of my emotions
  • observing and marvelling at the behaviour of others in public
  • reflecting on, and evaluating my values
  • expressing my thoughts in writing
  • NOT engaging with confrontational people = avoiding ridicule, shame and rejection
  • NOT allowing my perceptions to be managed = knowing what I know and having confidence in what I know
  • adopting and savouring small, but growing, rebellious and illegal behaviours

2 thoughts on “Sacrifice and Survival 101

  1. I love your list of ‘survivable tactics’. I try to emulate this list as much as possible. My research in health issues has magnified this past year and 3 months and I am far richer for it. I continue to read, listen to podcasts and make decisions with great aforethought based on knowledge I perceive logical in my mind. I am thankful for the references regarding these and other issues that I receive in text or email form from you and encourage you to keep on keeping on. To live our lives to their fullest potential is a goal that may take more resolve in these crazy times, but still we motor on!

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