Wall? What Wall?


Marathon Number Five

twenty-eight degrees outside;

much warmer inside this suit,

and behind this mask on her face;

shortness of breath;

sopping-wet tentest insulation board

up and out the window;

dripping-wet electronics

up the stairs and out;

weakness in her legs and arms and back and neck and fingers;

physical and mental exhaustion;

hitting the wall and continuing;

determination in her every step;

a smile on her face;

twenty-six miles is nothing compared to this!




How They Spoiled Us!

Mother’s Day came and went with little fanfare this year. And that’s okay–it was a busy day in the flood zone.

IMG_0592 (1)

But it started out beautifully with our mayor delivering breakfast along with a rose, generously donated by our local pharmacy. Oh, how lovely! Thank you!

La Vie En Rose

After more than ten days of not giving up and not giving in, . . .


. . . and choosing to go without certain creatures comforts, and putting so much energy into pumping out water, we can now sleep much easier: there is heat coming from the furnace and hot water coming from the tank! Yeah!

Now I plan to have a hot bath!

Our Lovely and Lively Resort

It’s amazing how a landscape can change its appearance in such a short span of¬†time.

Our small community has recently had a facelift–now¬†we sport¬†an exceptional collection of noisy equipment; relatively quieter¬†watercraft; and impressive, multi-wheeled vehicles.

Lakefront Property
An Army Jeep . . .

. . . that can haul 1 1/4 tons of sand bags and ford 3 feet of water!

IMG_0385 (1)
A Bigger Army Vehicle  . . .

. . . that impresses by its sheer size.

And to help me shore up¬†my basement pool, I have this personal little 7 HP companion, which I’ve now learned how to keep primed.

So, I’m all set–for now.

Primed Swimming Area

Yes,¬†we’re still managing–with a lot of much-appreciated help from our friends–old and new!¬†Thank you, dear volunteers for all you do.

But, even though I try to make light of it all, I’m still worried. This is not a fun experience.

Afraid, and Frayed at the Edges

We are not experts at water management but still, as the levels rise¬†higher and higher from the Baie de Vaudreuil, we’re all¬†pitching in and trying¬†to keep¬†the water out of our homes.IMG_0319 (1)

Alas, it’s not working perfectly; and we’re struggling; and we’re trying our best not to come¬†apart at the seams.

But, we’re doing okay.


Beauty in Black and White

A greeting card featuring this Marcella Walker illustration from The Girls Own Paper¬†is sure to please any romantic–especially when the paper she is printed on has a textured linen finish.

image (4)Indeed, I find it truly delightful to the eye, the touch¬†and the heart;¬†though she doesn’t utter a word, she speaks volumes.

Note that, for the time being, she is available in my physical inventory only, and comes with a blank interior so you can write a personalized greeting for any occasion, to Show You Care.

Mother’s Pride

More often than I ever would have imagined, my children create small miracles.

image (2)
Kristina Drake’s Recently Published Creation

I actually have a total of five two-legged miracles from them. And these five are delights that will forever feed my soul–I only hope they realize how much.
Today, though, I want to share a different kind of miracle: my daughter’s poem, Indulgence.¬†It speaks strongly to me and, if you are a woman, it probably speaks to you as well.¬†A man who appreciates poetry will also surely like it.¬†Enjoy.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Well, yes, it is more springy out there: the birds are all a-twitter and the temperatures are more inviting.

Happy Spring Bird

But now we need some sunshine!

The rain has been falling for several days; lake and river levels are rising; basements are getting wet and yes,¬†even flooded; it’s definitely time for a break.