The insomnia of the wee hours in the dark can trigger such ambitious and lofty plans! And, when we’re lucky, these moments trigger an amazing clarity of purpose and even a detailed visualization on the procedure required.

IMGP0065 (2)
A jumble of treasures within a rather loosely structured vague shell.

One of my most recent sleepless nights stirred up a wild and crazy need to organize, arrange, codify and, in essence, overhaul my non-existent greeting card inventory system.

There was no real  pressing reason to do this now, but since I am trying to grow a business, I felt that I should have a system to keep tabs on my stock! And, do you know something? Even building the system was fun!

Indeed, far from being a chore, this process — just like designing cards — called for creativity. Playing with the rows and columns; the colours and fonts; the letters and numbers; and the layout and format of a spreadsheet, “sparked joy” in me.  I loved every moment.

A broader view of the jumble with the beginning of a certain amount of focused scaffolding to hold it in.
IMGP0065 (1)
A more contained and solidly framed foundation around the identical contents.

So that’s what I have been doing. And, as you can see, the results definitely give a much stronger sense of togetherness! 😉




Actually, although you can’t possibly tell, it really is a good beginning because Audities’ Cards will soon be able to boast an identity code assigned to each greeting card.

So there you go! Hooray for sleepless nights!





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