I believe it is a fundamental truth: our lives could improve dramatically if we only stopped concerning ourselves with what people think of us!

_sam6034-1And not only that!

I  now believe that we actually owe it to our insecure 16-year-old selves to make up for lost time. We have to start wearing the ugly dress, and the goofy thrift-shop hat; and start carrying the purple and green striped bag; and take up skipping-to-my-Lou along the sidewalk. Whenever we want to. If we want to. 🙂

And we have to start now. Yes, in public!

We spend far too much of our lives anticipating judgement and critical comments; and editing our choices; and not nearly enough time just going with the flow and being ourselves — silly one day, and demure or elegant the next. Who cares what the neighbours think?

Let’s turn a blind eye and a deaf ear and live life to the fullest in our own way!

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